Volunteer State Bank purchases new property

Volunteer State Bank will be relocating their Gallatin branch to David Amonette's office in Gallatin. (Leader photo/Emmylou Drusky)

The Volunteer State Bank recently bought David Amonette’s building in Gallatin with plans to relocate their Gallatin branch, which is currently located just down the road.

Where the bank currently sits has heavy traffic making it hard for clients to pull in and out of the lot, and administration wants to make their building more accessible.

Bank administration began thinking about a new location several years ago hoping that by moving the branch just down the road it will help the bank keep their current clients while also making it easier for them to access the building, Jeff Collins said.

Three months ago Collins contacted the City of Portland’s Attorney David Amonette showing interest in his Gallatin property. After giving the idea some thought, Amonette decided that the time was right to give the place up and sold the property to the bank, Amonette said.

Amonette has been in the building since about 1981 and has leased a part of the building out to other companies throughout the years. Right now part of the building is used for his practice and part is leased out to another company, DoBro Steel. DeBro Steel has been making plans to move their company for a while.

The chance to sell the property now and not have to look for another company to lease part of the building to worked out well, Amonette said.

“I truly love this place. I have spent so many hours here and have so many fond memories of working here, but times change. Gallatin has changed,” Amonette said.

Amonette is not sure where he will move his practice, but because the bank won’t need the property until the beginning of next year, he has plenty of time to figure out where he will go.

The Volunteer State Bank is moving their Springfield branch to a better location and opening a brand new branch in Murfreesboro before they begin moving the Gallatin branch. Once the new buildings are finished the bank will have 11 locations, including a loan office in Nashville.

Bank administration hasn’t decided what they’re going to do with the property yet, but they are looking at either moving the over 100-year-old house, or tearing it down and building a brand new building, Collins said.

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