Planning continues for TN 109 Bypass in Portland

A map of the proposed Highway 109 Bypass to be built west of the current 109 that serves Portland. A meeting is scheduled for Aug. 15 at Portland High School for citizens to discuss the project with TDOT representatives. The project is expected to take 8-12 years to complete.

Map from TDOT website

The Tennessee Department of Transportation will hold a public hearing on Aug. 15 at 6 p.m. at Portland High School to hear public input regarding the planned TN 109 Bypass.

The new proposed bypass, which is expected to take eight to 12 years to complete, will be located west of the current road and will create a four-lane highway that will take much of the traffic out of the downtown area in Portland.

According to a news release from TDOT, the hearing will be to "provide the public an opportunity to provide comments regarding this project. Representatives of TDOT will be available to provide information on various aspects of this proposed project."

Those with questions regarding the meeting should contact Sharon Schultz at TDOT by email at Sharon.schutz@tn.gove, by phone at (615) 350-4208. To mail a letter, regarding your question, send it to Sharon Schutz, 6601 Centennial Blvd., Building A, Nashville, TN 37243-0360.

A court reporter will be on hand at the meeting to receive oral statements to be included in the transcript regarding the project. Comment sheets will also be available for those who wish to make written statements.

While the project will take years to complete, some of the planning has already been in the works. The environmental assessment was approved in September 2015, and the finding of no significant impact was approved in July 2017, according to TDOT's website.

The right of way, appraisal and land acquisition portion of the project is not scheduled to begin until 2021.

Once completed, the proposed bypass will connect back into TN 109 north of Portland before the soon-to-be-completed I-65 interchange, and will run south and connect to the four-lane section that is located south of TN 76.

The 109 Bypass would cross TN 52 in the area between Lyon Drive and Searcy Lane. The plan also calls for the widening of certain parts of TN 52 in the area to accommodate an increase in traffic, plus the construction of sidewalks between West Market Street and Searcy Lane.

The proposed road would have access points from several streets in Portland, according to the TDOT website. Those include TN 76, Jackson Road, Collins Street, TGT Road and Kenwood Drive.

In addition, plans call for a westward extension of Kirby Drive to connect to the bypass and for Woods Road to be shifted southward to connect to the bypass directly across from Kenwood Drive.

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