Man charged in alleged knife incident

Michael Patton

A Portland man was arrested after he allegedly pulled a knife on another man on July 28 at the Dollar General at 1070 North Broadway.

Dispatch received a call from Ricky Blackburn Jr., who advised them that he had been in a verbal argument at the Dollar General with a man named Michael Patton, 34, of 320 Coker Ford Road, Portland, and that Patton had pulled out a knife and threatened to kill him.

Blackburn told police that as Patton reached into his pocket and pulled out the knife, he told him not to do it, but Patton then lunged at him with the knife. Blackburn said that he then went out to his vehicle and sat until Patton left. Blackburn stated that a Dollar General worker walked him out and that Patton continued to argue with him.

According to Blackburn's statement to police, he and Patton had previously lived together.

Police interviewed the manager of the store and she told them that she saw Patton with a knife in his pocket, but did not see the incident. The manager told Patton, "There is nothing going to be done in here," and that when Patton continued to argue with Blackburn, she then told him to "Shut up and get in his truck and leave."

Police then went to Patton's residence and he stated that he did not want to speak with police and would not provide a statement. Patton was then placed in handcuffs and transported to the Portland police station, where he admitted that he had pulled a knife on Blackburn and stated that Blackburn had said that he would kill him, according to police.

A review of security footage showed that Patton and Blackburn see each other inside the store and continue to walk a couple of steps before Patton turns around and comes into the aisle. Blackburn then walks into the aisle and the video shows them appearing to argue. Patton then turns and walks away but returns a few seconds later and looks to have an object in his hand by the way that Blackburn moves away from him. However, the video did not show the knife specifically.

Patton then leaves the aisle and is seen putting something in his pocket.

Based on statements and video, Patton was charged with aggravated domestic assault and was taken to the Sumner County Jail. His bond was set at $7,500, and he is due in Sumner County General Sessions Court on Aug. 7 to face the charge.

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