Cliff Alexander certainly hasn’t been exempt from all the discouraging headlines plaguing our country today. With so much of today’s reading material being heavy and difficult to disconnect from, Alexander decided he wanted to write the polar opposite. Subsequently, the former Portland resident released his first book, Running from Zombies with No Shoelaces (Boredom Killers And Time Wasters As We Pass The Day Away Together). The humor-filled, conversation starter book has been connecting with readers near and far.

Now residing in the mountains of Arizona, Alexander finds peace and passion in writing.

“I never had anything published before, but I always got a kick out of putting interesting types of posts on Facebook. I started getting feedback on those and collecting them over time. I just decided to come out with a collection of that same stuff I’ve written of the years — little anecdotes and stories,” Alexander said.

“I’m just breaking up the monotony of what you usually see online and all the drama you see in the news,” he added.

Alexander wanted to create an easy read which people could easily and randomly fit into their busy schedules.

“It’s a book you can just pick up when you have the time to spare, a few minutes to kill, you’re waiting for a job interview, going to bed or in the bathroom. You don’t have to keep thinking about the same stuff you’re seeing in the news. It’s a way to take your mind off the regular world.”

Though Alexander’s book just recently came to life, his love for writing began as a child.

“Since I was eight years old, I wanted to write. I’ve been writing short stories and had little projects on the burner for years, but nothing was ever put out into the public eye. Until now, I never stepped outside my comfortable circle. This project is the first once I’ve put out their publicly,” shared Alexander.

Though he was born in San Diego, he enjoyed his childhood and much of his life in Portland.

“I was raised in Portland and it’s where my foundation came from. You learn a lot growing up in a small town. I just decided to try something different and try my luck in the mountains. I’ve been here for just over four years now. One of my goals once I get things straightened out is to get back to Portland and see how things have changed. I’d like to visit some of my friends and the people I grew up with, while seeing my old stomping grounds,” he added.

Though Alexander doesn’t have any Portland signings scheduled just yet, his book is available on Amazon, and his YouTube channel can be viewed from anywhere. The channel which compliments his book also takes a laid back approach and provides an escape from stress and bad news.

“I just recently starting picking back up on that channel. I received a few inspirational emails about it. It’s a continuation of what I write about. There is lots of variety and different things on there. It’s bite-sized stuff to get you away from whatever has your brain spinning, and to put you in a better place for a while. It’s very light-hearted, and I don’t like to spend too much time being too serious,” he explained.

In addition to his book and YouTube channel, Alexander also maintains a blog called, “Hazy in AZ,” (

“My blog is also similar to my book — I just kind of make random blog posts about things people might find interesting,” he said.

“I’m just hammering away right now writing some short stories. I want to start releasing some of them and making them available on Amazon Kindle. Eventually I’d like to release them as a collection,” he hinted.

“Running from Zombies with No Shoelaces” is currently available on Amazon, and Alexander can be kept up with on multiple social media outlets.

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