Highland Rim Historical Society unveils plaque

The children of Mary Charlotte Payne stand beside the plaque with their mother's name inscribed on it. Mary Ann Golden is holding a picture of Nellie Payne and Beth Key is holding the picture of Ruby Lane, grandmothers of the Paynes who both taught at Cold Springs School. Pictured are (front) Joe Payne, Mary Ann Golden, and Beth Key; and (back) Mike Payne and John Payne. (Leader photo/Bonnie Fussell)

Highland Rim Historical Society unveiled the plaque honoring the people that have made a historical contribution to the history of Portland on Sunday, April 24th at Cold Springs School in Richland Park.

President of HRHS Albert Dittes unveiled the plaque to display the names. Those honored are Bill and Penny McGlothlin, Jim and Judy McGlothlin, Howard McDowell, Ronnie McDowell, Jim Calloway, Ken Thomson, Betty Glover, Juanita Grantham, Mary Charlotte Payne, and Pat Meguiar.

Several people who were honored were present as well as some of their family members. Family members were present for those who were deceased.

Jim Calloway and Ken Thomson were acknowledged for being the founders of the HRHS.

The McGlothlin family was recognized for the preservation of the Cold Springs School building which was on the family farm, and for allowing it to be moved to Richland Park under the care of HRHS.

The McGlothlin family and the Payne family each had family members who had taught at Cold Springs School.

In expressing his appreciation for the honor being bestowed on his mother, Joe Payne said, “Mother was involved in what the society was about. She could bring information to the society about what it was like being a child growing up in this area. She enjoyed imparting that knowledge to young members.”

Beth Payne Key said, “Mother farmed and raise the children. She spent time helping others. She loved it, when she later had time to work with HRHS. She loved being a part of the historical society.”

Dittes spoke of the work Bettye Glover did for the society, and he acknowledged several items she had donated to HRHS.

Dittes said, “We are still feeling her influence and lasting work.”

Many of the family members expressed their appreciation for the recognition given to the honored people.

Additional names will be added to the plaque in the future.

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