Pancake fundraiser being held for child undergoing heart surgery

Gracie Woodall

Gracie May Woodall is known for being vivacious and energetic. Though she’s just 3 years old, this sweet child has already had to undergo open-heart surgery more than once. Now, her family is preparing for another surgery in July.

As one might guess, the expense of these surgeries is of course challenging for Gracie’s parents, Melvin and Sandy Woodall, who have two other young children. In response to this difficulty, Oak Street Baptist Church is organizing a pancake fundraiser to help ease the burden of expenses for the Woodall family. Dana Lynch, a lifelong attendee of the church, has known the Woodall family for many years. She is organizing the fundraiser in hopes that it will be a great success.

“The church just wants to assist the family and all the expenses they’re going to have for Gracie’s open heart surgery,” said Lynch. “They’re a hardworking family from here in Portland, but it’s just an expense they can’t deal with on their own. We just want to help them so they can be with her.”

“(Gracie’s) a sweet little girl,” Lynch added. “Her father has been in our church since he was a teenager. He grew up there, and he means a lot to us. With having two other children, it’s a lot for them to take on.”

The pancake fundraiser will be held at Oak Street Baptist Church (300 Oak St. Portland) on Saturday, June 25 from 7-10 a.m. Donations for the family can be mailed to the church if unable to attend. For more information on the fundraiser, Dana Lynch can be reached at 615-672-0471 or

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