The Portland bowling teams finished up their season in the district tournament. On Dec. 5, the Panther boys lost to Hendersonville 19-8. In the first game, Jordan Ventress won 185-158 and Zack Vaughn posted a 146-81 victory.

Portland also earned two points for Total Pin Fall and Points (731-720) in game one. Ventress notched a 163-156 decision in game two as Jonathan Thompson also won over his opponent 109-80. In the final game, Ventress recorded a 134-110 win and Vaughn defeated his opponent 208-132.

“Even though it was a tough year for the boys’ team, there were bright spots,” Coach Janet Smith noted. “Jordan and Zach bowled very well. All the guys had a high game well above their average which made for good days.”

The girls won their first match in district tournament action, but lost to Wilson Central in the second round.

Portland started with a 22-5 decision over Mt. Juliet.

In the first game, Kaleigh Verran won by 74 pins, 158-84, Ashley Gunter eased past her opponent 104-95 and Alis Smith was successful 145-98. The Lady Panthers also won the Game One Total Pin Fall and Points by a 731-720 margin.

Portland picked up five points in game two and added two points by winning the Game Two Total Pin Fall and Points (692-667).

Verran triumphed 12-100, Vicky Roe won 112-91, Leah High claimed a 122-119 decision, Gunter posted a 116-93 win and Smith knocked downed 25 more pins (134-109) than her opponent. The Purple also won the Game Two Total Pin Fall and Points (723-658).

The Lady Panthers posted five wins in game three with victories by Verran, Roe, Ventress, Gunter and Smith. Portland won the Game Three Total Pin Fall and Points (748-648) and won the Match Total Pin Fall and Bonus Points 2163-1973.

Portland was eliminated in the second round of the tournament by losing to Wilson Central 18-9 on Dec. 8th. Gunter led off game one with a 138-113 win, Verran won 177-94 and Ventress knocked down 18 more pins (134-116) than her opponent.

The Purple also recorded an 826-770 edge in Game One Total Pin Fall and Points.

In the middle game, Ventress posted a 164-139 victory and Smith edged her opponent 113-107.

“It was a tough year for the girls,” Smith explained. “They had such potential but couldn’t past Wilson Central and Lebanon. Kaleigh bowled in every game in every match while she was in high school. She was especially disappointed with her season as expectations were high after last year’s success. She will be missed, but I look forward to the other girls stepping up and taking her place.”

Verran was named to the all-district team and Smith was a second team selection.

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