The Portland East Panthers opened their season in a hard fought tough loss to the White House Devils last Monday night, 32-20. The Panthers kept the game close for most of the game, but with fatigue sitting in White House was able to pull away with the win. 

“Our boys fought hard tonight, but were not able to finish off the game and get the win,” head coach Scott Steinbrecher stated.

Portland was down by only one point after the first quarter; Duncan Smallwood had three points in the first quarter and added three more in the second.

“The first half was a really good defensive battle as neither team could get good looks inside,” Steinbrecher replied.

After the third quarter ended the score was 21-19, staying close as it had all night long to that point, but in the fourth quarter the Panthers had fatigue sit in and White House was able to capitalize with an 11-1 run to close out the game.

“I have to do a better job of getting the big guys breaks as you could tell they were exhausted in the fourth and that is on me,” Steinbrecher stated.

Leading the Panthers in scoring for the night was Dominic Rush and Duncan Smallwood both scoring six points each, Hunter Hicks scored four and Matthew Elrod and Dawson Kennedy each scored two points.

“We talk about playing great defense and rebounding everyday and tonight they did an outstanding job of both,” Steinbrecher replied.

“We have a lot of work to do, but this is a great group of guys that will continue to make themselves better every day,” Steinbrecher stated.

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