The Vantage Group, a real-estate development company out of northeast Alabama, recently met with the City of White House planning commission with the goal of approving a preliminary site-plan for a 48-unit, multi-family development on Wilkinson Lane.

According to City Administrator Gerald Herman, the 48-unit development would be broken into two separate three-story buildings.

“Vantage has put in a site plan that was approved for a 48-unit apartment complex encompassing two buildings with eight units per floor,” Herman said. “This is a new development company making plans for this area as another plan from a different company for the area fell through previously.”

Some may remember that the same area, two houses down from the pump station on Wilkinson Lane, was approved for an apartment complex previously. That deal fell through and the company sold the land to the Vantage Group who will build their own complex.

Vantage Development has an objective of providing high quality affordable housing for seniors and families dates back nearly 40 years with a primary development focus of affordable rental housing that utilizes numerous funding programs, including Federal and state Housing Tax Credits, state and local HOME funds, Federal Home Loan Bank AHP grants/CIP loans, and USDA 515/538 loans.

To date, the Vantage Group has developed 39 operational facilities in three states, and are currently in various stages of development on numerous communities in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

The Vantage Group bringing more living accommodations to White House is part of an economic plan that the city has been working on for quite a while.

“We have big plans for the City of White House with our recent economic summit and some of the construction going on right now,” Herman said. “In addition to the apartment complex on Wilkinson Lane, we are still expecting work on the 144-unit complex on Sage Road.”

The City of White House planning commission has scheduled a special meeting of the planning commission for Monday, Sept. 23 to discuss approval of the master site plan by the Vantage Group for the apartment complex.

Once final site-plan designs are approved by the planning commission, the Vantage Group expects to start construction before the end of the year.

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